Cornwall Business Awards

We would like to thank our previous winners who contributed to the short case studies.

Cornwall Foundation of Promise (Fifteen Cornwall) - Winner Best Third Sector Business 2013, Runner Up Best Social Enterprise 2010

Clear-flow - Winner Most Dynamic Growth Business 2013, Winner Best Use of Technology 2011, Runner Up Growth Strategy 2010

TRAC Services – Winner Excellence in Marketing 2012, Sarah Trethowan Winner Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, Runner Up Most Dynamic Growth Business 2012

Zoeftig – Winner of Winners 2012, Winner Most Creative Use of Design 2012 & Best International Business 2012

FitnFun Kids – Rachel Jones Runner Up Business Leader of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, Winner Employer of the Year 2011, Winner Excellence in Marketing 2011.

Frugi – Winner of Most Dynamic Growth Business 2012, Runner Up Customer Focus 2012, Runner Up Most Creative Use of Design 2012, Runner Up Best International Business 2012, Lucy Jewson Runner Up Entrepreneur 2012

Dan Parker from Firetext Communications – Winner of Young Business Person of the Year 2012 and 2011

Why you entered?

Cornwall Foundation of Promise - "To increase the awareness for the work that we do not only as a successful business in Cornwall, but also as a social enterprise and local a charity. We wanted to highlight the unique nature of our business and encourage wider engagement for our charity, focussing on our commitment to Cornwall and the local communities we operate in".

Clear-flow - "We see the awards as prestigious within the county and in the knowledge that the company had performed well in the last year were hopeful of some recognition if we could at least make the final three. In addition, having been to the awards dinner previously we knew that it was an excellent event that would provide motivational to members of our team whatever the result".

TRAC is very proud to be based in Cornwall and plays an active part in the business community. Our entries in 2012 were inspired by a successful year which saw the business grow significantly. This has created many challenges and changes for the business and has required a real step change in TRAC’s planning as well as company structure. We wanted to share our fantastic achievement, inspire other companies on similar journeys and demonstrate that Cornwall is a viable location to grow successful knowledge-based businesses”.  

Zoeftig – “We felt we had a great story to tell and could inspire other businesses. It would also be great recognition for our team who work so hard, so that they understand that all their efforts are rewarded”.

Rachel Jones from Fit’N Fun Kids – “I have entered the Cornwall Business Awards since it opened every year but one. My reason for doing so was to celebrate with the county, my team, our customers and personally the success our business had achieved in each particular year and to gain recognition for such success”.

Frugi – “The reason Frugi entered the Cornwall Business Awards was because we saw it as a great opportunity to tell the world about what Frugi are as a company and what we are trying to achieve with our clothes, ethics and way of working”.

How you found the process?

Cornwall Foundation of Promise - "The application process was very straightforward, we did not experience any issues".

Clear-flow - "The process is straightforward. It does involve however scripting out an answer that can be quite detailed and it is best to fully understand the subject matter and to spend a little time to plan out what you are going to say before starting to answer the questions".

TRAC – “The process is very straightforward and the questions are thorough without being onerous. The questions do not have a word count limit which is great as it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your achievements in a way which works best for you and recognises that every business is different."

Zoeftig – “Fine, it was certainly not onerous. You just have to be able to tell your story and recap on your progress and achievements. Mingling with other forward-thinking business leaders at the Grand Awards Dinner is a great occasion too!”

Fit’N Fun Kids – “Taking time out to complete the application meant a lot of planning as for each application, it would take me a good day to complete, however, it also gave me the opportunity to reflect on what we had achieved and I always felt great once it was completed”.

Frugi – “The whole process is pretty simple and straightforward actually and, maybe surprisingly, fun. It’s great to hear that you’ve been nominated, the presentation evening is fantastic and a fantastic networking opportunity and then if you win – WOW! It’s champagne time!”

The rewards!

Cornwall Foundation of Promise - "Off the back of the awards we received great coverage in local press including the Newquay Voice and Cornish Guardian, and some engagement with supporters through social media as well. It was also a great way to do business to business networking, and helped reaffirm our position within the sector as a business and a charity".

Clear-flow - "Our company was ‘buzzing’ the morning after we won. Purposely we sent 4 managers that had not been before and they thoroughly enjoyed the evening but as it went on they all wanted us to win more and more as they saw others going up on the stage to collect their awards. When we did win therefore they were delighted and just couldn’t stop telling everyone. The awards are all about this buzz together with the prestige and we had a number of people contacting us to say well done the next day which was excellent".

Dan Parker from Firetext - "Winning two Cornwall Business Awards within the first two years of our business has really allowed us to demonstrate our credibility from the early days. We're now working with large national corporations – for a small start-up in Cornwall, it's something we're very proud of!"

TRAC – “The annual Cornwall Business Awards is a prestigious event in Cornwall’s Business calendar and therefore very popular amongst the business community. It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate success, network and meet influential contacts from a community that actively supports each other. The event generates a lot of PR both leading up to and after the event which will very quickly increase your business’ exposure in the county. On a personal level it is also very rewarding to be recognised for your hard work”.

Zoeftig – “Proven credentials, regional recognition, brand enhancement, company pride and a great boost to staff morale”.

Fit’N Fun Kids – “The rewards in being shortlisted alone would give any business the opportunity to shout about their achievements, winning of course a greater platform. Celebrating with your team and your customers, the recognition you have achieved in winning a Cornwall Business Award certainly shows your passion for your business and achievement in delivering a high quality service or product - an accreditation that certainly goes along way in your customers eyes”.

Frugi – “Besides the publicity in winning and the pat on the back for everyone involved with your business, the rewards also lie in the actual process of applying. The very act of analysing your business, questioning why you do certain things and writing them down is a great way to see opportunities that may exist that you may not have previously been aware of”.

Top tips for others considering entry?

Cornwall Foundation of Promise - "Entering the Cornwall Business Awards is a great way to gain recognition for your business, and to boost greater reach and understanding of what your business (or charity in our case) has to offer".

Clear-flow - "You need to carefully plan what you are aiming to say, be positive and answer the questions asked. Most importantly you need to go for it!"


  • Support your entry with facts and figures
  • Ensure you answer all aspects of the questions
  • Don’t leave your application to the last minute; you often lose the detail that helps define your entry
  • Get a second opinion from someone within your business to ensure your answers are clear understood  

Zoeftig – “Don’t be shy! Tell the story of your journey and really illustrate the success you have achieved in the category for which you are applying. Utilise expertise & knowledge from the relevant departments, work together to collate the application, and proof read everything!”

Fit’N Fun Kids – “Be honest, take time to plan what you want to say, don't be too shy about shouting how well you have done, what a great business you have, share with the judges what a great year you have had, how you have overcome challenges, how you value your customer, your workforce, your product, your service, yourself! Tell us your story, stand out from the crowd, if you have achieved it, we want to know!”

The Frugi ‘top tips’ for others consider entering would be

  • Copy the questions out and write your answers ‘offline’. This gives you time to write, re-write, spell check and get totally comfortable with your reply before submitting your entry.
  • Sometimes there are two questions in one such as, “Why is your company so brilliant, and why should you win this award?” Answer the first part of such a question first and then answer the second.
  • Read, re-read, spellcheck and get someone else to proof read your application. If they understand what you’ve written and are enthused to read more that’s great!





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